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Premier Coconut Oil

A Premier Dietary Supplement Extra Virgin, Raw, Unprocessed Coconut Oil, Promotes Healthy Brain & Body Metabolism*

Key Benefits

  • 100% raw, unrefined coconut oil from Kerala, India

  • Not refined, bleached, deodorized or hydrogenated coconut oil as commonly available which is damaged and toxic

  •  Helps naturally increase metabolism as much as 25% (great for those with weight and thyroid concerns)*

  • First-class oil for healthy brain and body metabolism; ideal oil for baby foods*

  • Rich source of medium chain fatty acids, shown to enhance immune response*

  • Rich in lauric acid, the source of immuno-protective monolaurin*

  •  Helps blood lipid balance by promoting its conversion to pregnenolone; supports healthy triglycerides already within the normal range (shown by research at the University of Kerala, India)*

  • Easy digestibility and absorbability; luscious, full coconut flavor and aroma

Incredible Super Food.

Research shows that the health ben­efits of virgin coconut oil are extensive — from healthy, glowing skin to substantial support of the thyroid, liver, pancreas and heart. It has been proven to help efficiently burn fat, increase metabolism and deliver increased energy levels. Finally, this incredible Super Food is reaching the mainstream so many people can enjoy its many benefits.

Can Coconut Oil Help Burn Fat?

A recent article in Women’s World (May 20, 2003), a popular, wide-reaching magazine, called coconut oil a “miracle food” and touted its ability help the body burn unwanted fat, triple your energy, and greatly help those with thyroid concerns, naturally stimulating metabolism by up to 25%.
Many people say they notice this increased metabolic effect even right the first time they take it. About 20 minutes after consuming 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (alone or mixed in food), many people report feeling an increased natural warmth of their hands and body and a clear ability to breathe better and more deeply.

Does the quality of coconut oil matter?

Of course. You should be absolutely certain of the quality of whatever coconut oil you choose. There is a very wide variation in coconut oil — where the coconuts are grown (and thus the quality of its phytonutrient factors), the processing of the oil (which can range from sheer “junk” oil to the ultimate quality), the storage of the oil, and more — all which have a major impact on the healthiness and effective­ness of your coconut oil. Typical coconut oil available in the US has been bleached, deodorized, solvent-extracted and hydrogenated — a very unhealthy oil.

Finding the BEST Source in the World.

We researched coconut oil extensively, gathering samples from all over the world. Some so-called “great” coconut oils did not test well at all. For example, we were sadly disappointed in the organic coconut oil samples from the Philipines.At last, we finally found what we were looking for — the ideal source: the best in the world — unprocessed, extra virgin coconut oil from Kerala, India. So now we can offer you superb quality coconut oil: Premier Coconut Oil from Kerala, India, processed without heat, according to time-honored, traditional Ayurvedic methods.

Direct From India to You.

We directly import this amazing oil to our U.S. facility direct from Kerala, India. This gives us total control over what happens to the oil — from conception to consumption. (No fear of middlemen cutting it with cheap oil additives, irradiation or fumigation.) The oil is packed in tamper-sealed, large, food-grade polyethylene drums, then nitrogen-flushed.
At our facility, we re-package the precious oil in our patent-pending VioliteContainers, which block the range of light known to rancidify nutrients. When you open a container, you are greeted with the delightful, fresh fragrance of premium-quality coconut oil. The oil just melts on your tongue.

A Delicious Way to Burn Fat, Increase Energy, Boost Your Thyroid and Immune System

Saturated Fat!

During the “no-fat” craze of the past, all saturated fat fell into disrepute as being “bad,” as something to be strictly avoided — especially if your weight was a concern. Contradicting extensive scientific research proving the immensely healthy and protective benefits of coconut oil. Although coconut oil is far more nutritious and beneficial than corn, peanut, soy, safflower and the other oils, nonetheless, it got tossed into the “bad fat” bin which said all saturated fat is bad.

Is Saturated Fat Bad?

Not necessarily! Coconut oil contains naturally occurring, saturated fat, but what you didn’t hear is that certain saturated fats: a) are necessary to human health (your brain is comprised mostly of satu­rated fat); b) are not the primary perpetrator of weight gain (the real culprits are refined grains and sugars) and c) saturated fats come in three classes, of which the medium-chain type (as found in coconut oil) can actually help you burn fat (for healthy weight) and increase metabolism (also for healthy weight).

Medium-Chain Fatty Acids Promote Health.

The saturated fat in virgin coconut oil is medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Unlike to other fats, MCFAs in coconut oil are sent directly to the liver where they are immediately converted into energy. When you eat coconut oil, the body uses it immediately to make energy rather than store it as body fat.
Because this easy absorption puts less strain on the pancreas, liver and digestive system, coconut oil helps to actually increase the body’s natural metabolism and helps burn more calories in a day — thus, contributing to fat loss — and with better energy levels — a great combination, greatly assisting those with thyroid concerns.

Research studies show just the opposite for unsaturated fats (such as corn and safflower oils, etc.): they can decrease thyroid efficiency and cause a lowered metabolic rate (with increased fat deposition).

Lauric Acid: An Immune-Specific Phytonutrient.

Perhaps even more important, virgin coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a proven immune-supporting agent — specifically protecting against internal invaders. The body uses lauric acid to make the same im­mune-protective fatty acid derivative, monolaurin, that babies make from the lauric acid they get from their mother’s milk. Mary Enig, an internationally known expert in fats and lipid biochemistry, and author of the well-researched, “fat information bible” Know Your Fats, promotes coconut oil and its ability to boost the immune system and keep the body in good health.

No Trans Fats.

Coconut oil does not contain dangerous trans fats which are found in unsaturated vegetable oils, margarine, shortening and more.

Coconut Oil: The Well Kept Secret For Beautiful Skin.

For the best in natural skincare, use our extra virgin coconut oil as you would any lotion – it’s truly ideal. It helps prevents destructive, free-radical formation and provides protection against them. It helps the skin from developing liver spots and other blemishes caused by aging or over-exposure to sunlight. It helps prevent sagging and wrinkling by keeping connective tissues strong and supple. The rich, creamy oil is easily absorbed into the skin and into the cell structure of the connective tissues, helping to limit damage excessive that sun exposure can cause. In some cases, it may even help restore damaged skin.
Coconut oil helps to bring temporary relief to the skin when needed, but also delivers health-promoting nutrients to restore a youthful, smooth, more beautiful complexion and appearance. These are lasting benefits, unlike most lotions. Coconut oil aids in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, thus making the skin’s upper dermis healthier and smoother and more capable of generating new, healthy skin cells. Over time, the skin can begin to appear more evenly textured with a healthy “glow.” And the coconut oil can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, assisting in strengthening the underlying skin tissues.

How much should you take?

If you have digestive or long-term health concerns, initially, you may want to begin with 2 teaspoons daily (alone or mixed in food or drinks), gradually working up to consuming 2 tablespoons daily. (Expert Mary Enig recommends 3 1/2 tbsp/day.)
Enjoy this extra virgin, world-class virgin coconut oil — made without chemicals or bleach, from fresh, non-hybrid, non-GMO coconuts grown in some of the most nutrient-rich, pure soil on planet earth.

Requirements for Healthy,  Safe, Best Quality Coconut Oil :Premier Requirements Coconut Oil:

  • Coconuts from traditional, non-hybrid palm trees only (no hybrid varieties)

  • Made from fresh coconuts, not dried “copra” (partially rancid, old, fallen coconuts) as used in most coconut oils

  • No refining

  • No added chemicals or solvent residues

  • No bleaching

  • No deodorization

  • No hydrogenation (which creates trans fats)

  • Non-GMO (no genetically modified organisms)

  • No heat in processing (so its nutrients are not damaged)

  • Stored in Violite containers and nitrogen-flushed

Shelf Life.

If unopened, this superb oil has a room-temperature shelf life of two years or more. If stored unopened in the refrigerator, the shelf life may be increased even beyond that. After opening, please store it in your refrigerator and use within approximately 2 months. Storing it out of sunlight is always recommended.

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