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Most chronic health concerns may not be the failure of the immune system, but a conscious adaptation of the immune system to the serious burden of heavy metal and chemical contaminants we have bioaccumulated. That means the most important thing we can all do is to undergo thorough detoxification procedures to eliminate these contaminants.

• “Nanized” Chlorella : The most effective heavy metal detoxifier yet discovered*
• Safe and proven method for highly effective mercury and other heavy metal detoxification*
• Helps rapidly restore ideal cellular resonance and function
• Helps improve neurological and mental symptoms rapidly and safely*
• Helps eliminate mercury even in those who still have silver fillings*
• Used by leading healthcare practitioners for grand scale, safe heavy metal detox*

Warning: Before utilizing this product internally it is very important to prepare the body properly. Ideally you would get tested with QRA or ZYTO (see our Virtual Clinic) to determine what your body needs to make the detoxification as safe and easeful as possible. The following are important steps to consider: 

  1. Alkalize/Replenish Minerals
    If the body’s tissue pH is acidic (deficient in minerals) when using Detox-ND, the heavy metals could get driven deeper into the tissue making it more difficult to remove later also resulting in more severe detox symptoms. When the first morning urine pH tests in the ideal range (6.4-7.0) for 2 weeks straight then you may begin taking the Hm Nano.
    For more info on alkalizing see The First Step To Great Health!
  2. Support Kidneys
    You may need to take RenaVento strengthen the kidneys while taking this product. When detoxifying heavy metals the kidneys may become overwhelmed and be incapable of processing and eliminating all the metals. Excess circulating toxins may result in unpleasant detox symptoms.
  3. Strengthen cellular energy
    Energy within the cells must be sufficient to take on heavy metal detoxification. Take CoQ-Quinol 8oz Liquid to get the cell energy strong and the cells ready to do the work to let go of heavy metals. Usually with use of this product heavy metals will naturally start releasing.  Co Q Quinol can be taken during alkalizing as well as while using HM Nano.

Superior, Safe Heavy Metal Detoxification for Both Adults and Children*

How Toxic Are You?
Each person living in Western industrialized countries today is known to be “at least a thousand times more polluted with toxic metals and/or heavy metals than anyone who lived when Christ walked the earth,” reports Morton Walker, DPM, a prominent medical researcher. Even in ancient times, exposure to heavy metals had toxic consequences. For example, the fall of the Roman empire has been linked to widespread brain damage to Rome’s residents who drank water delivered in lead pipes which contaminated the water.
Today, it is impossible to escape contamination from heavy metal poisoning, especially lead, cadmium, nickel, aluminum and mercury. Many sources of contaminants have been banned by the FDA, such as lead additives in gasoline and paint. However, many of these compounds still persist in the environment.

The Body’s Heavy Burden
By itself, the body is unable to completely eliminate heavy metal residues, even in very low concentrations. Instead, it tends to store them at various sites: the lymphatic and circulatory systems, fatty tissue, and vital organs such as the brain and the liver.  These toxic residues can bio-accumulate for years until a saturation point is reached when the burdened body areas start to affect the whole body, particularly those with weakened immune systems. Commonly, the result is a toxic, overloaded liver with liver stagnation symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, mental fog, etc.

The Unseen Menace
One of the most dangerous of the heavy metals is mercury – including the form that is in silver fillings. Mercury in silver fillings is converted to methyl mercury by bacteria and becomes a highly toxic neurotoxin, easily absorbed by nerve cells. Mercury in the nervous system interferes with energy production in individual cells, and the impaired ability of the cell to detoxify. The cell then becomes toxic, and dies. Laboratory studies have shown that within 24 hours of injecting a tiny amount of mercury into a muscle in the body, it infiltrates the brain, spinal cord, kidneys, adrenals, lungs, bloodstream and connective tissue.
Do you have silver fillings (dental amalgams)?
If so, exposure to toxic mercury can leach into the head and body creating a host of distressing symptoms. Other chronic heavy metal exposure from air, water, foods, medicine and the environment can keep people feeling sick, mentally and physically.

How does Detox-ND work?
The main route of excretion of mercury is via the urine, thus accelerating the excretion rate of the mobilized metals as compared to the fecal route, decreasing the possibility of enzyme and leaky gut mediated resorption through the bowel, and decreasing the burden on the liver. The majority of the metals to be mobilized and eliminated per dose are quickly detectable in the first urination following the dose.

Sources of Heavy Metals
Heavy metal residues from many toxic sources are still present in our environment, including the following key contaminants:
Lead: Sources of common exposure
Dust or chips from old paint containing lead
Tap water delivered in old lead pipes
Air – 600,000 tons of lead are exhausted into the air by factories
Pesticide residues (used on lawns, produce, farms, etc.)
Cigarette smoke (first-hand or second-hand)
Hair dyes
Mercury: Sources of common exposure
Many types of fish (a widespread hazard)
Mercury amalgams (silver fillings) in your teeth. Be sure to follow the Aguilera Dental Protocol when removing silver fillings for safety and the most appropriate biocompatible restorations. Removing silver fillings improperly can expose the host to high amounts of mercury leaching into the body.
Aluminum: Sources of common exposure
Aluminum cooking utensils – Antacids – Deodorants
Common Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity
Blood pressure concerns
Muscle pain
Mood and Memory Concerns
Joint pain
Digestive problems
Brain fog
Anger / Iritability
Hormone imbalance
How do I know if I need to take Heavy Metal Nano-Detox If you currently have and have ever had silver fillings (dental amalgams) in your mouth (which contain over 50% mercury), worldwide research shows that toxic mercury ions from the fillings leach out and can be deposited literally anywhere in your body, including the brain, kidneys, liver, eyes and much more.
Wherever these toxic metal ions lodge, they can block the normal functioning of that area.

Nutritional Benefits & Ingredients
In addition to significant detoxification properties, the nanized, highly bioavailable nutrient factors in HM N-DTM also provide a wealth of nutritional benefits, including nucleic acids (RNA/DNA factors), CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor), natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes,antioxidants and chlorophyll.

Promotes a premier shift in ideal cellular resonance; preserved with certified organic alcohol.
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