Lavender Spray, Premier 1 oz.


Ancient, Precious, Essential Oil Blend
Beautifying, Cleansing, Calming
-The original, traditional art of blending pure essential oils for beauty and prosperity
-This genuine attar tests on to all four biofield polarities.

Exquisite Quality, Steam Distilled, Pure Essential Oil of Lavender
Experience the cleansing, penetrating and invigorating effects of our lavender spray.   Designed for rapid absorption into the skin, this spray leaves no oily residues.  The Essential oil may also be used as an elegant daily perfume, or try using 2 sprays in your bath water.
  • Anti-infective (anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral).
  • Natural muscle relaxant; helps eliminate insomnia.
  • Helps relieve allergies, migraine headaches.
  • Strengthens the heart.
  • Excellent as a natural, nontoxic perfume
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