Limonene, Premier (.5oz)


Premier Limonene

pH-balanced, whole orange peel essential oil.  Rich in limonene, an extremely powerful monoterpene antioxidant, uniquely extracted by a patented double-distillation process.
When Do You Need pH-Balanced Limonene?
  • To help loosen a stiff neck*
  • To help promote clearer, smoother skin*
  • To help diminish wrinkles and crows feet around the eyes*
  • To help promote a more flexible spine*
Superior Emulsifier
For people who have trouble digesting fats, have had their gallbladder removed, overweight, or experience heaviness and fatigue, the amazing benefits of taking 2-3 drops of Limonene in a small drink of water brings great relief.
Emulsification means: enabling a fat and a water to mix.  Once a fat is dissolved into water the body can begin the digestive process, where as the fat is untouchable and unworkable without the emulsifier.  Generally, the liver/gallbladder produces bile (which is loaded with emulsifiers) but after years of cooked animal fats the gallbladder and bile ducts can be plugged up and there is little if any bile(emulsifier) production.
Sometimes our blood can body can get loaded with old fats that are waiting to be digested.  The Limonene complex offers wonderful support.
Great For Skin: Helps promote healthy and clear skin*
  • Helps promote a beautiful, radiant complexion*
  • Use full strength or dilute with water (50%) to achieve a milder solution
Great For Pain Relief
  • Helps relieve tight, sore and painful muscles and joints, due to exercise*
  • Also massage a few drops into bruised or stiff areas. (Do not apply to open cuts.)
Contains no harmful solvents, pesticides or chemicals.
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