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Trim Body Blend Whey  (Also Known as : Lean Body Whey) is not just another protein drink. It is a one-of-a-kind, premier quality, advanced organic protein drink – that delivers a comprehensive array of immune-boosting nutrients without toxic tag-alongs. Finally, a great protein drink for the whole family that is 100% health-promoting (no compromises), and tastes luscious.
The Super Star of Protein Drinks
Now you can get the super star of protein drinks, Lean-Body Whey Protein Blend: a delicious, creamy blend with high quality, non-toxic whey protein (pesticide-free) with world-class quality herbal synergists. For peak performance when you exercise or workout.

Our Lean-Body drink delivers every nutrient essential for life and in its most bio-available form producing “The Premier Effect.”

The Lean- Body Whey Protein drink supports 5 key nutrient categories:

1) a broad range of world-class antioxidants,
2) easy-to-digest nontoxic whey protein,
3) complex carbohydrates,
4) essential fatty acids and
5) world class state-of-the-art immune-boosting fiber.

Start out your day with a Lean-Body drink to help enhance strength, boost the immune response, protect cells, minimize the aging process and promote a wonderful sense of well-being.* It’s great for every member of the whole family — just add water or juice and stir. Take with you on trips. And to get that winning edge, take a Lean-Body drink an hour or so before exercise or competition meets.

Step up to great taste, great power – great life.

What’s Wrong With Other Protein Drinks?
In the past, we searched for a really good protein/sports workout drink – but totally in vain. What we found were powder drinks based on soy protein (typically made from American soy – often poorly grown, genetically modified, pesticided – and very hard to digest) or whey protein (typically from commercial cows – full of pesticide and antibiotic residues – and processed with high heat which crosslinks the protein).

Drinks based on egg protein were equally poor (made from commercial eggs – laced with pesticide/antibiotic/chemical residues). No thanks!

It Gets Worse
The protein drinks out there also had other “I can’t believe it” ingredients as well. Would you give your son a drink that caused potential brain damage? Of course not, you say, but many protein drinks contain MSG, monosodium glutamate, a known brain neurotoxin (called an excitotoxin), which can literally excite brain and nerve cells to death. Look on the label for the term, “natural flavors” – that’s code for MSG.

MSG is often used to cover up the “off” tastes of inferior ingredients. Look on the ingredient list of a protein drink. Do you see: highfructose syrup, sucrose or corn syrup? These are all fancy names for refined sugar, a proven agent that can upset the body’s immune and hormonal systems as well as promote weight gain. American refined sugar is processed with 2, 4, 5-T, a dioxin derivative, one of the most toxic chemicals known.

Protein drinks often contain artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, which are cumulatively toxic. Aspartame is partially metabolized to formaldehyde in the body, a toxic byproduct that can damage liver and brain cells, creating whole-body toxicity.

The Premier Effect
The form of every cell in your body is now known to be a crystalline matrix which has its own ideal resonant frequency. The only way each cell can achieve its ideal cellular resonance is by consuming “live source” nutrients that are “premier-state quality” (exquisitely well-grown and 100% toxin-free). Only premier-state quality nutrients can produce ideal cellular resonance. When premier-state quality phytonutrients are combined together synergistically, their effect is far greater than the sum of their individual benefits, by a factor of 2 to 100-fold or more. This amazing logarithmic effect is “the Premier Effect,” a primary force to help you sustain or regain great health.

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