Saturday, 14 October 2017 / Published in Health & Wellbeing

There are many tips and tricks as to how to lose weight, how to eat better and make smarter health choices in life, but there is one major secret that many overlook: setting realistic goals.

While many set out to lose weight with good intentions and a strong desire to win, most fall short simply because of discouragement. This happens mainly when goals are just too unrealistic. There is a wise saying that states how many of us overestimate what we can do in 30 days, while underestimating what we can do in a year. In the health & wellness game, slow and steady always wins the race. It is all about consistency, desire & longevity. This is no shortcut, shortcuts will always cut you short!

Learn To Set Realistic Goals

One of the most important ways to succeed at weight control is to establish realistic goals and expectations.
Goal setting keeps you motivated and helps you stick with your program, so it’s important to approach it with a thoughtful plan. It’s important to set goals that you can reach and suit your lifestyle. You can always reassess goals and set more challenging ones as you go along.

You might have a combination of goals: your weight-loss goal, your health goals, your exercise goals or your daily servings and calorie goals. 

You must make your goals your own and stay with it. The more aligned they are with your likes and dislikes, your preferences and priorities, the greater your chances of success.

All the best!