Digestase-SP, Premier (60 vcaps)


Digestase-SP, Premier Research Labs

Efficient digestion is one of the most important keys to great health.* This extraordinary plant-based enzyme formula supports the intestinal brush border cells to promote more complete digestion of carbohydrates and protein.
Important for those who have used antibiotics for 3 months or more, or who want more specific immune support**
Digestase-SP can be helpful in reducing or eliminating:
·  Intestinal gas and flatulence.
·  Bloating.
·  Food reactivity.
·  Better digest sugars, carbohydrates & proteins.
·  Helps those who weren’t breast fed & don’t have enzymes to break down sugar.
·  Enhanced digestion or grains, cruciferous vegetables and legumes.
·  May help digest gluten & casein.
·  Natural anti-inflammatory effects.
·  Digests blood clots, cysts & arterial plaque.
·  Helps fight biofilms ( the sticky micro-nests where bacteria, parasites & pathogenic organisms hide).
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