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Premier Greens Powder
Greens: The Best source of Protein, Minerals, Enzymes, etc that nature provides.*
Premier Nonhybrid Cereal Grasses
Contains every known vitamin, mineral and enzyme essential to sustain life*
Premier breakthrough in intracellular nourishment and DNA rejuvenation
Low-temperature, air-dried grasses from South America — the finest ever produced
Why Use Greens?
Organically grown greens from grade 10 plants are one of the most effective foods on our planet. One special form of greens, the cereal grasses, have been used for centuries and are well known for their spectacular, health-rejuvenating properties.

Every Known Nutrient to Sustain Life
Unbelievably, cereal grasses contain every known vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and enzyme necessary to sustain life. Grasses are a complete food. Grasses dissolve, then absorb minerals from rock and soil, converting the minerals into a form easy for humans to absorb. Because they contain a broad array of fully bio-available, naturally occurring minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, they help keep the body alkaline. This is a great antidote to America’s typical high-protein, high acid-ash diet. Alkalinizing the body helps to protect against poor health conditions — the result of a body that has become too acidic.

Cereal grasses are also a rich source of chlorophyll, called the great detoxifier, which helps support normal blood purification. Grasses also contain a large array of phytonutrients and antioxidants, with more vitamin C than oranges, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach and more betacarotene than carrots. No wonder grasses are many times more protective than the well-known vitamins C and E.

All Flesh Is Grass
The Bible tells us: “All flesh is grass.” (Isaiah 40:6) This means that somewhere in the food chain of all people, something green was the starting point.
After weaning, what food does a baby calf need to be able to grow into a healthy, full-grown adult cow? Only fresh grass. (Cows always prefer fresh grass over commercial feeds or dried hay. The more a cow is raised on non-grass sources, the more its health suffers.) Even a baby elephant is able to grow into a huge, multi-ton, adult elephant eating only grass.

Grass and the Eyes
Grasses also contain an abundance of vitamin A, an important vitamin needed to help clear sick mucus membranes (mouth, sinuses, ears, eyes, digestive tract). The Bible mentions the relationship between healthy eyes and eating grass (referring to animals): “And their eyes did fail because there was no grass.” (Jeremiah 14:5,6).

Premier DNA Repair Agent
Because of the synergistic effect of its broad-spectrum of nutrients, grasses are premier functional foods and an excellent intracellular DNA repair agent. This is good news for all of us, since our bodies are now routinely exposed to agents all around us which can cause DNA damage, including pesticide residues in our foods, commercial cleaning agents, synthetic perfumes, exposure to increased ionizing radiation while on airplane flights, clothes dry cleaning agents, out gassing chemicals from carpet, paint, and fixtures, fumes from ink, printers, and xerox machines, etc. For those who already have DNA disruption and damage, cereal grasses can prove to be powerful agents to help restore and rejuvenate damaged DNA.

Our Fabulous South American Connection
Premier Greens Mix is a clinicly-proven, living, naturally and organically grown blend of the finest, pristine grasses and greens from the best sources worldwide. Our spectacular, grade 10 (premier-state) cereal grasses are from South America, grown in rich, luxuriantly healthy soil (with absolutely zero pesticides) in pure country air. We call it our “South American connection.” The South American farm crews carefully harvest and low-temperature, air-dry these whole grasses.
Although grasses grown in the U.S. can deliver beneficial nutrients, our tests show their toxic levels are far too high (due to pesticide/chemical residues). Unfortunately, negative effects from a bioaccumulation of these residues is usually seen later on, but the consumer rarely links them to the toxicity of the product.
Two major reasons that U.S. grasses are a problem: a) the water supplies contain high levels of pesticide residues and contaminants (even in organic farming) and b) the top soils have sustained massive nutrient losses, even on organic farms, as well as being dosed with heavy pesticide residues from decades of chemicalized farming (residues which can remain long after a farm is converted to organic).

Wimpy Green Products ~ Beware of the 6 pitfalls of a wimpy greens product:

1) Is the Kitchen Sink Included?
To look more competitive (or maybe to cover up poor quality), some products claim to have a huge number of ingredients. From greens to fruits, some products have just about everything but the kitchen sink. But more is not better, and in many cases, poor combinations of nutrients are an outright clash — which can create intestinal distress or worse problems. For example, certain vegetable extracts may go well together, but combine poorly with other items, especially fruits. Would you eat broccoli and bananas together? Would you combine garlic and peaches? Obviously your body doesn’t think so either. Don’t be fooled by a laundry list of ingredients.

2) Creeping Toxicity
A formula is only as good as its weakest link. A multi-item greens product may have some non-toxic nutrients but inevitably it also contains toxic ones which can lead to potentially harmful effects. At first, the product may seem helpful, but over time, its toxic residues can create symptoms. The user may fail to link these symptoms back to the product.

Your best bet is a clinically tested formula, such as Premier Greens Mix, that features key, grade 10 extracts, 100% of which are non-toxic and effective, proven to work synergistically together, providing an effect greater than the sum of its nutrients individually.

3) Where Was the Product Grown?
If the greens have been grown in the U.S., we are highly suspicious of their integrity. Why? Because they typically contain high levels of pesticide and chemical residues. In addition, many have been irradiated (but rarely identified on the label.)

Premier Greens Mix has absolutely no pesticides because they have been grown only in South America and have not been irradiated.

4) Avoid Juice Extracts
Some claim their greens product is better because it is in the form of a grass juice extract only. But a juice extract is actually a refined food (since over half the product, the fiber, has been removed)! You don’t want the fiber left out because it is highly nutritious.

Fiber contains an abundance of phytonutrients and antioxidants and is highly stable, naturally preserving the other nutrients. Natural fiber provides bulk which enhances bowel eliminations and helps clear internal toxins.

If the fiber is taken out, the juice-only products then need to use a preservative. So, the manufacturers often spray the juice extract on maltodextrin, a cheap, refined sugar synthesized from corn. Although maltodextrin may act as a preservative for the juice extract and also taste sweet, eating refined sugars can be a disaster. Refined sugars can wreak havoc on your immune system, as well as many other systems. In some greens products, maltodexrin can constitute up to 1/3 of the product. Buyer beware.

In contrast, Premier-Rx Greens Mix contains no maltodextrin or other refined sugars. It contains only 100% grade 10 greens, with the fiber completely intact. These greens have been finely pulverized to afford easy mixing into drinks or foods.

5) Burned or Frozen?
Some greens products are highly heated. When greens extracts are heated above 126 deg. F., all living enzymes have been destroyed. The higher the temperature, the more damage to the cell structures of the greens. Some greens extracts may look great but are cellularly “burned.”

On the other hand, we were surprised to see some greens that are stored at extremely low temperatures before being used. One product uses greens that have been stored at -20 degrees Celsius. That extreme freezing temperature may be great for a prolonged shelf life but it is incredibly cold. This extreme cold damages the delicate glycoside bonds in the greens and fractures their DNA structure. Although these greens may offer some help, they are far inferior to low-temp-erature, air-dried greens. Have you ever tried to eat a salad after its been frozen and then thawed? You get the point. Avoid pre-frozen greens.
In contrast, the greens in Premier Greens Mix are only low-temperature/air-dried, never “burned” or “frozen,” so their enzymes and nutrients are fully intact.

6) “Natural” Flavors? Not Natural for Humans
We continue to be surprised at how many so-called natural products are formulated with “natural flavors.” “Natural flavors” is nice-sounding term for toxic MSG (monosodium glutamate). We often feel like a lone wolf trying to lead the health pack in a different direction—away from MSG. But “natural flavors” is such a great flavor enhancer and works so well to disguise any off-tastes, that it is just too tempting for most manufacturers not to use MSG in their products.

So you’ll see MSG listed as “natural flavors” on almost every greens product. It’s hard to believe, but MSG lurks everywhere in many health products. Buyer beware.

Go for the Gold

Get the very best: Premier Greens Mix. 100% premier quality non-hybrid grasses and greens grown in the pristine fields of South America, low-temperature, air-dried, without pesticides and toxic chemical additives.

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