Neem Oil Ultra, Pr. Liquid 2 oz.


Premier Neem Oil Ultra 2 oz.

World-Class, Immune-Boosting Essential Oil
Contains potent, immune boosting compounds such as azadirachtin and nimbidol
Neem – The Miracle Herb
Neem has a far wider array of uses than any other known herb. The first recorded use of neem is attributed to ancient Indian culture over 4,500 years ago. Indian herbal masters have used neem in their formulas for many centuries. Medicinal attributes of neem were written about in the oldest Sanskrit writings.
Neem is one of the most powerful blood-purifiers, detoxifiers and immune system boosters known. Hundreds of diseases have been shown to respond favorably to neem. Neem leaf can be taken as tea or in capsules. Neem oil can be applied externally or a few drops can be put in an empty capsule and taken internally.

  • “Beyond organic”, premier-state quality neem
  • Not solvent extracted; no pesticide residues
  • Harvested at the height of maturity in pristine forests of India
  • Low temperature, air-dried
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